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Sertoli cells of testis

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Sertoli cells of testis

1) provide nourishment to developing sperm
2) secrete Inhibin
3) form blood testis barrier and provides support to developing sperm
4) all of these

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1 Answer

  1. The correct answer is all of these

    Sertoli cells, also known as sustentacular cells, are specialized cells found in the testes. They play a crucial role in supporting the development of sperm cells.

    Option 4, “all of these”, is correct. Sertoli cells provide nourishment to developing sperm by producing and secreting a variety of nutrients and growth factors. They also secrete the hormone inhibin, which helps to regulate the production of sperm in the testes.

    In addition, Sertoli cells form the blood-testis barrier, which is a physical barrier that separates the developing sperm cells from the immune system of the body. This barrier helps to prevent the body’s immune system from attacking the developing sperm cells, which are genetically different from the rest of the body.

    Furthermore, Sertoli cells also provide support and protection to the developing sperm cells by creating a supportive environment for their growth and development. They also help to remove damaged or defective sperm cells from the testes through a process called phagocytosis.

    In summary, Sertoli cells perform multiple important functions in the testes, including providing nourishment, secreting hormones, forming the blood-testis barrier, and providing support and protection to developing sperm cells.