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NCERT Class 9 Civics: Chapter 2, Question Exercise Q.9

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NCERT Class 9 Civics: Chapter 2, Question Exercise Q.9

Consider the following facts about a country and decide if you would call it a democracy. Give reasons to support your decision.
(a) All the citizens of the country have right to vote Elections are held regularly.
(b) The country took loan from international agencies. One of the conditions for given loan was that the government would reduce its expenses on education and health.
(c) People speak more than seven languages but education is available only in one language, the language spoken by 52 percent people of the country.
(d) Several organisations have given a call for peaceful demonstrations and nation wide strikes in the country to oppose these policies. Government has arrested these leaders.
(e) The government owns the radio and television in the country. All the newspapers have to get permission from the government to publish any news about government’s policies and protests.

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1 Answer

  1. (a) This is democracy as only democratic setup allow right to vote and also election at regular time period.

    (b) A democratic country has to look after the welfare of its people. The condition of reducing of expenses on health and education is against the welfare of the people.

    (c) In democracy, education is available in all languages as it basic right. Official language can be the language of majority of people.

    (d) In a democracy, people have right to express their opinion in peaceful manner. It is undemocratic behaviour.

    (e) This is undemocratic nature as in democracy freedom of press and media is must. If government own radio and television then freedom of press violated.