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NCERT Class 8 Geography: Chapter 5, Question 4

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NCERT Class 8 Geography: Chapter 5, Question 4

Give two examples of the following in the space provided.

(i) Raw materials: ____________ and _____________
(ii) End product: ____________ and _____________
(iii) Tertiary activities: ____________ and _____________
(iv) Agro-based industries: ____________ and _____________
(v) Cottage industries: ____________ and _____________
(vi) Co-operatives: ____________ and _____________

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1 Answer

  1. (i) Raw materials: cotton and steel

    (ii) End product: shirt and safety pin

    (iii) Tertiary activities: banking and transport

    (iv) Agro-based industries: dairy industry and cotton textile industry

    (v) Cottage industries: pottery industry and basket-weaving industry

    (vi) Co-operatives: Anand Milk Union Limited and Sudha Dairy