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NCERT Class 6 Geography: Chapter 1, Question E

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NCERT Class 6 Geography: Chapter 1, Question E

Column AColumn B
1.Proxima Centauria.Helps to find the north direction
2.Pole Starb.Arizona
3.Jupitarc.Nearest star to the earth
4.Meteor Craterd.Rule of the Roman gods

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    Column A Column B
    1. Proxima Centauri c. Nearest star to the Earth
    2. Pole Star a. Helps to find the north direction
    3. Jupiter d. Rule of the Roman gods
    4. Meteor Crater b. Arizona


    1. Proxima Centauri is the nearest star to the Earth after the Sun. It is about 4.24 light-years away from the Earth.

    2. Pole Star represents the north direction. It has been used since ancient times to find the north direction.

    3. Jupiter is the biggest planet of our solar system. The term ‘Jupiter’ implies the rulers of the Roman gods. It might have been named so because it has around 39 moons. It is almost equal to a mini solar system.

    4. A meteor is a small piece of rock revolving around the Sun in its orbit. When it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it lights up, starts burning and forms a crater when it hits the surface. One such crater was found in Arizona, USA.