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NCERT Class 6 Geography: Chapter 1, Question C

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NCERT Class 6 Geography: Chapter 1, Question C

Which planet in the solar system is associated with each of the following?

1. Messenger of the Roman gods
2. Roman god of war
3. Greek god of the sky
4. Roman god of the sea

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1 Answer

  1. 1. Messenger of the Roman gods: Mercury

    Explanation: Mercury is closest to the Sun. There is a huge difference in its temperature during day and night.

    2. The Roman god of war: Mars

    Explanation: Mars is also known as the Red Planet. Since the colour red signifies violence and Mars appears to be red in colour, it has been named after the Roman god of war.

    3. The Greek god of the sky: Uranus

    Explanation: This planet has rings around the Equator similar to that of Saturn. This planet is known to have 21 moons.

    4. The Roman god of the sea: Neptune

    Explanation: The planet Neptune is similar to Uranus in its physical properties. That is the reason they are termed twin giants.