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A sperm of human consists of A. Head B. Neck C. Middle piece D. Tail

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A sperm of human consists of A. Head B. Neck C. Middle piece D. Tail

1) A, B
2) A, B, C
3) C, D
4) A, B, C, D

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1 Answer

  1. The correct answer is A, B, C, D

    A human sperm consists of four parts, which are the head, neck, middle piece, and tail.

    The head of the sperm contains genetic material in the form of chromosomes, which carries the genetic information from the male parent to the offspring. The head is covered by a cap-like structure called the acrosome, which contains enzymes that help the sperm penetrate the outer layers of the egg during fertilization.

    The neck of the sperm is a short segment that connects the head to the middle piece. It contains structures that help the sperm move and change direction.

    The middle piece of the sperm contains mitochondria, which are organelles that produce energy for the sperm to move. The middle piece is also responsible for storing and releasing calcium ions that are involved in controlling the movement of the tail.

    The tail of the sperm is a long, whip-like structure that propels the sperm forward and helps it swim towards the egg for fertilization. The tail is made up of microtubules and is powered by the energy produced by the mitochondria in the middle piece.

    Together, these four parts of the sperm work together to allow the sperm to move towards and penetrate the egg for fertilization.